Create web3 Apparel Shops without Code

OpenTee makes it easy for NFT projects, artists, and creators, to create custom clothing shops, without code.

In a day, you can have a personalized shop that allows your holders to preview and purchase clothing, customized with the NFTs they own from your collection(s).

Connect. Select. Print.

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Create web3 Apparel Stores without Code

OpenTee makes it easy for NFT projects, artists, and creators to create custom clothing stores without code.

Build a custom store that allows your community to preview and purchase clothing, personalized with the NFTs they own from your collection(s).

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Create and customize your store

Add your NFT collection(s).

Drop in to your site and launch to your community.


The All Over Tee
The Classic Tee
The All Over Hoodie
The Long Sleeve Tee

Growth Starts with your Community

One platform with all the features you need to provide personalized clothing and merchandise to your community.

Create your store

Build a web3 store that looks and feels like your brand, giving your community an experience from previewing clothing personalized with NFTs they own from your collection(s) to checking out with their favorite cryptocurrency wallet.

Project Inclusion

We plan to continuously add more eligible projects for future drops. Projects must have personal use rights or we need direct approval from project founders.

Metaverse Expansion

We plan to continuously expand the Wardrobe with access to physical items and for virtual wearables for worlds and games. Holders will not have to re-purchase these, their wardrobe will continuously grow!


We know NFT's span across multiple chains, so we intend to include additional blockchains in the future and allow for cross chain generative items.


The Genesis Tee is just the beginning. OpenTee plans to provide additional items to fill up your physical and virtual Wardrobe.

Create and customize your store

Simple signup and multiple store design options to match your sites theme and brand. Don't have a site? No problem, you can host your store on our site!

Add your NFT Collection(s)

Whether you have 10 NFTs or 10,000, we make it simple to setup a custom store that provides personalized clothing options for your community. It's as simple as:

  1. Connect Wallet.
  2. Select their owned NFTs.
  3. Print to their homes.

Drop in your website and launch to your community!

We provide a full store that's setup and ready to launch. All you need to do is paste the code into your website and launch to your community!

Get Started

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All Genesis Tee's can be created with our Minting Press, a generative engine for custom NFT accessories and wearables.

Approved Projects

Below are a list of projects where Personal Use Rights is granted for owners. All NFT ownership is cryptographically verified before use on OpenTee.

NOTE: Please use a desktop to see the full list.
  • 0N1 Force
  • 0xVampire Project
  • Animetas
  • Ape Kids Club
  • Astro Frens
  • Avastars
  • Axolittles
  • Blockchain Bikers
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Bored Mummy Waking Up
  • Budverse Cans
  • Bulls On The Block
  • Chibi Dinos
  • Chubbiverse Frens
  • Cool Cats
  • Crunchy Cows
  • CrypToadz
  • Crypto Bull Society
  • Crypto Cannabis Club
  • Crypto Dick Butts
  • Crypto Hobos
  • Crypto Holders
  • CryptoMories
  • Cupcats
  • DeadFellaz
  • DeadHeads
  • Degenz
  • Desperate Ape Wives
  • Doge Pound Puppies
  • Dogs Unchained
  • DystoPunks
  • FLUF World
  • Fame Lady Squad
  • Fat Ape Club
  • Fatales
  • FoxFam
  • Fur Brawls
  • GOATz
  • Gambling Apes
  • Goons of Balatroon
  • Gutter Cat Gang
  • Gutter Dogs
  • HappyLand Gummy Bears
  • Hashmasks
  • Incognito
  • Junkyard Dogs
  • Lazy lions
  • Lonely Alien Space Club
  • Lonely Planet Space Observatory
  • Loopy Donuts
  • Lucky Maneki
  • Moondogs Odyssey
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  • Omnimorphs
  • Paladin Pandas
  • Party Degenerates
  • Peaceful Groupies
  • Pudgy Penguins
  • Ready Player Cat
  • Robots
  • Rogue Society Bots
  • Rumble Kong League
  • Sail-o-bots
  • Sappy Seals
  • Satoshibles
  • Secret Society of Whales
  • Sneaky Bat Syndicate
  • Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
  • Society of Derivative Apes
  • Space Poggers
  • Space Punks Club
  • Super Shiba Club
  • Swamp Verse
  • Sympathy For The Devils
  • The Alien Boy
  • The Doge Pound
  • The Humanoids
  • The Littles
  • The Moon Boyz
  • The Official Surreals
  • The Superlative Secret Society
  • The Wicked Craniums
  • Top Dog Beach Club
  • Tropical Turtles
  • VOID
  • Vox Collectibles
  • Wassies
  • Wicked Ape Bone Club
  • Winter Bears
  • World Of Women
  • mfers

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What happens when I sell the underling NFT art that I used to print?

You will still own the derivative work you created on but you will no longer be able to print/mint another item custom to that specific NFT.

Can I print a second item with the same underling art (parent NFT)?

Yes. It will cost an additional fee.

How do I track my physical tee after I order?

After your order is confirmed and shipped you will receive an email with tracking information to stay updated.

What t-shirt material is used for printing?

Only the finest cotton. Our shirts are soft and preshrunk.

Who can print/mint items on OpenTee?

Any eligible NFT project that allows Personal Use rights for their holders. If you are an artist, project, creator and want to add your NFTs to our general store or build a custom store / collab please fill out the form at the top of the page and we'll get back to you promptly.

What items can be created on OpenTee?

T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts in several different designs. Much more coming soon, including digital and virtual items ;)

Where do you ship?

See full country list. We hope to expand this list in the future.